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k.s.h.design has a team of people of experience in manufacturing goldteeth and jewelry. We need people who want to start their own business,it can be fulltime or partime business. All u have to do is send us the order and we’ll make the goldteeth or jewelry for you. Buy from us at wholesale rates you will make a very significant profit off every single order you received.

To become wholesales simply order our “wholesale starter kit”. This kit come with full instruction and all of the materials to get start. You get imprint powder, stones powder, brochures, pricelist order form, get instructions of how to take a mold and more. With this kit you can be the person in your hometown that people go to get goldteeth or jewelry. Our wholesale start kit has just been lowered from $100.00 TO ONLY $70.00 ORDER TODAY. You’ll have your kit within 5-7 business day.


please make your money order to: k.s.h design, also on a piece of paper with your name,address,phone number and email address.so we can get your account set up in our system.

send to: k.s.h. design
         3027 radcliff ave
         Bronx n.y 10469
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Call us -718-653-4291
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